Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Video of Capitol Reef N.P. wildflowers

Hear the word “desert,” and you probably don’t think of wildflowers. But some desert locations – such as Capitol Reef National Park in Utah – offer a diverse array of wildflowers and other plant life.

In fact, 887 plant species have been identified in Capitol Reef. More than 40 of them are rare and endemic. This incredible diversity occurs because of the 7000 feet range in elevation, resulting in a number of microclimates throughout the park.

The showy flower blossoms and their verdant green leaves often provide a wonderful accent against the surrounding desert’s earth tones:

The best time to enjoy wildflowers at Capitol Reef is mid-April through July. Among the flowers you can see then include Indian Paintbrush and Utah Penstemon (blossoms April-June), Yellow Catspaw and Silvery Townsendia (April-July), Naked Stem Sunrays (mid-April-July), Showy Four O’clock (May-June), and Mountain Pepperplant (May-September).

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