Thursday, June 30, 2016

What are best sights to see at RMNP?

Bear Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park
Imagine a place where magnificent peaks soar more than two and a half miles high, where alpine lakes reflect snow-capped mountains and evergreens in crystal clear water, where blooming wildflowers fill meadows with color while towering forests shade sun-dappled paths, where rushing creeks and waterfalls are as common as driveways in the suburbs. The place is real: it’s called Rocky Mountain National Park.

Established more than a century ago, Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the nation’s most popular, enjoying 4.5 million visitors a year. While most come to see the majestic Colorado mountains, they are surprised by the sighting of bald eagles wheeling overhead or the thrilling bugle of a bull elk in the distance. Others discover the glory of the rising sun across the rocky tundra or delight in frolicking across a snow field in July. And at night when darkness veils the mountains, they gasp as the Milky Way shines more brilliantly than they’ve ever seen.

But with the park’s incredible size of 415 square miles and the large crowds, how can you ensure that you’ll see its main sights when vacationing or driving through? Three must-do trails in the park include:
Bluebird Lake Trail
Alberta Falls Trail
Bear Lake Loop

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