Friday, September 14, 2012

Be sure children don brimmed hats with chin straps during day hikes

A hat with brim and chin strap is idea
for young children on a hike.
Half of all body heat is lost through the head, hence the hiker’s adage, “If your hands are cold, wear a hat.”

In cool, wet weather, wearing a hat is at least good for avoiding hypothermia, a potentially deadly condition in which heat loss occurs faster than the body can generate it.

Children are more susceptible to hypothermia than adults.

In lower latitudes, higher altitudes, deserts and especially during summer, a hat with a wide brim is useful in keeping the sun out of eyes. It’s also nice should rain start to fall.

For young children, get a hat with a chin strap. They like to play with their hats, which will fly off in a wind gust if not “fastened” some way to the child.

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