Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thirteen haunted hikes for Halloween

This Halloween, day hike a haunted trail…if you dare. Allegedly haunted trails – sporting ghosts, monsters and extraterrestrial visitors – abound throughout the United States.

Among the trails you might day (er, night) hike are:
• See lake haunted by drowned boy in Yosemite National Park: see trail
• Watch for UFOs atop North America’s highest sand dunes: see trail
• Frolic with murdered woman’s spirit on haunted sand dunes: see trail
• Search for ghosts of orphans on Charley Western Trail in Iowa: see trail
• Share Upper Peninsula lighthouse with dead keeper’s ghost: see trail
• Keep eye out for human-eating demon on Lost River State Forest trail: see trail
• Look for Bigfoot while day hiking Minnesota state forest trail: see trail
• Watch for sea monster on Minnesota-Wisconsin border lake see trail
• Avoid hell hounds and girl’s spirit in Midwest’s most haunted swampland: see trail
• Head to ancient crater that attracts aliens in western Wisconsin see trail
• Strange orbs haunt Devils Punch Bowl: see trail
• Try spotting Wisconsin’s most famous ghost on Military Ridge State Trail: see trail
• Walk atop alleged secret UFO base in Wisconsin recreational park: see trail

Happy Halloween!

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