Friday, October 25, 2013

Day hike Area 51 2.0 in haunted walk at Wisconsin recreational park

After sunset, watch the skies for UFOs at the Richard Bong State
Recreationa Area near Burlington, Wis.
Halloween hikers can walk atop what some believe is a secret government base where UFOs can land in Wisconsin.

Rumors have long swirled about an underground base at the Richard Bong State Recreation Area near Burlington. Even if the base doesn’t exist, UFO sightings are plentiful in the area.

To reach the recreational area, if in Burlington, take State Hwy. 142 east six miles to SRA; if in Kenosha, take same highway 17 miles west. Turn south into the park at the entrance station, then take the first right. Park in Lot C.

The trail leaves from the lot’s south side, heading about 5.75 miles across a flat prairie that makes much of the southern Wisconsin landscape. Summer offers the most scenic time to walk the trail, as the grasses will be green, as opposed to autumn, when most plants are brown and withered.

The real sights, however, might be in the sky. Since summer 2004, fireballs and other brilliant lights have been spotted in the Burlington area. In one report, U.S. fighter jets were seen chasing two UFOs.

Secret UFO base?
For the first half-mile, the trail is due east of the alleged secret base. The trail runs southeast, passing between two ponds then goes due south. It then crosses a hiking path and about 2200 feet from the trailhead reaches a trail junction. At that intersection, go right/west.

During the 1950s, the U.S. Air Force chose this site – which at the time was Bong AFB – for an airstrip from which Strategic Air Command would launch bombers against the Soviet Union in case of a nuclear attack. While a two-mile long airstrip for taking off and landing was bulldozed, concrete never was poured. Still, even after all of these decades, satellite maps of the recreational area clearly show the airstrip. Some say the airstrip project was just a cover story for construction of the secret UFO base.

During the next quarter mile, the trail meanders past a pond then turns north, heading straight for the would-be airstrip. When the trail veers northwest, you're on the strip, marked as a "special use zone" on park maps. The UFO base – if it exists – is below you.

Why build a UFO base in Wisconsin, especially so close to the Chicago and Milwaukee metro areas? Because a vortex that serves as an intradimensional portal for extraterrestrial craft to travel through exists above Burlington, believers say.

For the next two miles, the trail parallels the airstrip’s south side. After passing two ponds, the trail turns north.

Alien abuduction
In 1974, the state of Wisconsin bought the former air force base and renamed the 4,515-acre property the Richard Bong State Recreation Area. Today, campgrounds grace the land aboveground, and model rocket launches, appropriately enough, sometimes are held in the “special use area.”

You may want to think twice about camping overnight, though. At least one alien abduction report has been made in the Burlington area since 2004.

Upon reaching parking lot J, follow the road back; it parallels the airstrip’s north side. Along the way, you’ll pass the shorelines of two ponds, the latter of which has an observation platform. It’s a good way to get a bird’s eye view of the pond…or a little higher ground for spotting flying saucers.

The trail leads to the road that was used to drive into lot C. At that junction, turn right/southeast and walk road back to your vehicle. And check your watch for missing time.

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