Monday, September 7, 2015

Five tips to keep kids warm on fall hikes

Layered clothing can help keep children warm
during autumn.
Children’s clothing needs change for day hikes taken during autumn. As the weather cools, summer’s T-shirt and shorts rarely are sufficient except during the rare heat wave.

Fortunately, ensuring kids stay warm and comfortable during an autumn day hike is easy to do. Just follow these simple guidelines:
Layer clothing – Dressing children in a T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and windbreaker actually will keep them warmer and dryer than having them wear a single bulky piece of clothing. Layering offers the added benefit of being to take off and put back on layers of clothing as the weather warms or cools through the day.
Avoid cotton and denim – Though comfortable to wear, these materials take a long time to dry and so are bad news when children get wet. Opt for synthetics, especially for outer layers of clothing.
Don wool socks – Rain boots are great for keeping feet dry, but the rubber does little to keep one’s feet warm. The solution is to wear wool socks, which are superior to cotton socks in retaining body heat.
Wear a hat – Brimmed hats are great for keeping the sun and rain drops out of one’s eyes. In colder weather, a stocking cap will help keep the body warm by preventing heat loss through the head.
Choose mittens over gloves – The former will keep children’s small fingers warmer than the latter. If gloves are a necessity (They do make manipulating objects easier!), be sure to get fleece-lined ones.

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