Friday, August 21, 2015

Aerial vid of Rio Grande in Bend Bend N.P.

Rio Grande runs through Santa Elena Canyon. Photo courtesy of NPS.
The mighty Rio Grande defines Big Bend National Park, carving through the desert landscape as offering a score of recreational opportunities from river rafting to hiking.

Map of Santa Elena Canyon Trail
Day hikers can enjoy great views of and get up close to the Rio Grande on the Santa Elena Canyon Trail near the park’s center. From the Castolon Visitor Center, travel northwest on the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. Before hiking, though, stop at the Santa Elena Canyon Overlook for a view of the Rio Grande about 60 feet below.

Where the scenic drive ends, the trail begins. It first crosses the Terlingua Creek, then ascends via paved steps to a vista of the river. Next it heads into the canyon until the walls – which soar nearly 1400 feet overhead – meet the Rio Grande.

Overall, about 118 miles of the Rio Grande runs through Big Bend National Park. Here’s an aerial video of the Rio Grande in the park:

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