Sunday, February 15, 2015

Guidelines for hiking boot sizes in U.S., U.K.

When purchasing hiking boots, act your age not your shoe size.
Photo courtesy of Photoree.
Hiking boot sizes usually match your shoe size. Be sure to know that number before heading to a store to purchase a pair of boots.

In the United States, for adult men, hiking boot sizes start at size 1. Beginning with size 2, they are also are available in half sizes, starting at 2.5. For adult women, hiking boot sizes start at size 2. Beginning with size 3, they are also are available in half sizes, starting at 3.5.

If in the United Kingdom, add one to the U.K. boot size to get its equivalent U.S. size for men or add two to get the U.S size for women. Hence, a U.K. size 1 boot really is the same as a U.S. size 2 boot for men or a U.S. size 3 boot for women.

European boot sizes start at 32 for both men and women. Unfortunately, there is no quick formula for finding the equivalent U.S size. For example, if you wear a U.S. size 1 boot for men, you can add 31 from the European boot size to get right size there; for a U.S size 2 boot for women, add 30. To get the equivalent size if you wore a U.S. size 10 boot for men, however, would require that you add 33, as a European size 43 equals a U.S. size 10 for men. Your best bet is to consult a chart showing equivalent sizes.

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