Monday, August 19, 2013

Waterfall, Great Lakes shoreline, await Ashland, Wis., cabin-goers

Interpretive Boardwalk Trail. Photo courtesy of
Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center. 
Several excellent day hiking trails await visitors to the Ashland, Wis., region. The trails include:
g Interpretive Boardwalk Trail – At the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center west of town, a 0.75-mile trail wends its way through three coastal wetland ecosystems: a black ash swamp, a sedge meadow, and a cedar and tamarack swamp. If you have children, be sure to stop at the visitor center, where they can crawl through a beaver lodge and engage in other fun (but educational!) activities.
g Morgan Falls St. Peter’s Dome Trail – An 80-foot waterfall and impressive vista with views 20 miles around await hikers on the Morgan Falls St. Peter’s Dome Trail in the Chequamegon National Forest. The route can be broken into two trails depending on your time and energy.
g Tri-County Corridor Trail – On its way to Superior, the trail runs west out of town. A pastoral segment is between Pine Creek Road and County Road G. Park at the Moquah Town Hall and head east for a 1-mile round trip.
g Waterfront Trail – This 10-mile trail loops around Ashland, passing through several parks and a beach along the way. A scenic segment runs along the Lake Superior shoreline from Maslowski Beach to Howard Pearson Plaza for about 2 miles one-way.

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