Thursday, March 29, 2012

Consider bringing binoculars on hike w/ kids

Binoculars are not just nice for getting a closer look at distant animals or geological features, but they also can be used as a navigation tool by helping you get a closer look at where a trail leads. An adult will want a pair that magnifies by the seven or eight power to be of any real benefit. Larger lenses will give you a clearer and more detailed view.

If bringing binoculars, consider also getting small, lightweight versions (with lanyards) for your children. Most will love carrying them around their neck. They won’t be able to see as far as you can in yours, but they’ll still think seeing a grazing deer or a snow-covered mountain peak “close up” is cool. If children do wear binoculars around their necks, make sure their shirt has a collar so that the lanyard can be tucked behind the fabric. It then won’t cut into the skin.

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