Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photos/maps for Acadia’s South Ridge Trail

The scenic South Ridge Trail runs 7.2-miles round trip to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Maine’s Acadia National Park.

To reach the trailhead, from the village of Otter Creek in the national park, take Maine Route 3 southwest. About 150 feet past Blackwoods Road, look for a trail crossing Route 3. Park along the side of the road in a gravel pull-off and take the trail on the road's right/north. The route starts with granite steps and gradually grows steeper as heading through a pine and spruce woods.

Acadia’s ancient granite peaks are among the first places in the United States to see the sunrise:

Topo map of trailhead and opening segment of trail:

Topo map of Eagles Crag:

Topo map of slope above Eagles Crag:

Topo map of Featherbed area:

Topo map of final ascent to summit:

Topo map of summit:

The view from atop Cadillac Mountain:

Another vista from atop Cadillac Mountain:

Here's a full description of the trail.

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