Friday, December 9, 2016

Great trails abound in Voyageurs National Pk

Anderson Bay Trail overlook at Voyageurs National Park.
Imagine a place where you can traipse beside massive ice age lakes and across some of the oldest known rocks on the planet, where you can hike through green boreal forests during the day and stare at the northern lights dancing against a velvet black sky at night, where you can watch moose graze in ponds and bald eagles soar overhead while gray wolves howl in the distance. The place is real: It’s called Voyageurs National Park.

As a water-based park, plenty of opportunities for canoeing, motorboating, kayaking, houseboating, sailboating or jumping aboard a tour boat await in Voyageurs. In winter, cross-country, snowshoeing and ice roads – paths plowed atop the frozen lakes – provide a number of adventures. The plentiful number of campgrounds, fishing camps, and other historical resort sites ensure you’ll find a place of solitude and quiet. And you’ll also find several miles of hiking trails, each offering a unique experience.

Here are three must-do trails at Voyageurs National Park:
Echo Bay Trail
Blind Bay Ash Trail
Rainy Lake Recreation Trail

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