Saturday, June 25, 2016

Reason No. 39 to hike: Reduce inflammation

Should you need to reduce inflammation, then you might want to risk stubbing your toes on trees. Two studies - one for young adults and the other for the elderly - show that spending time in a forest helps decrease swelling.

The first study compared inflammation levels of university students who went on a two-night trip to the woods with those who spent the same amount of time in the city. The youth who got back to nature had lower levels.

In a similar study, elderly patients who went on a week-long trip to a forest showed fewer signs of inflammation. Their hypertension also improved.

Inflammation, a natural process, occurs when the body deals with threats such as damage (like a pinched finger) and pathogens (like those that cause the flu). Lower inflammation levels suggest that being in nature helped the body better handle those dangers.

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