Friday, June 17, 2016

Know how to avoid, treat foot-related injury

One of the quickest ways to turn a family member, friend or yourself off to hiking is to injure a foot while on the trail. Something as simple as a tiny blister can make a hike unbearable. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to prevent foot-related injuries – and should one occur, you can treat it to so the walk can be completed with a minimum of discomfort.

To keep your feet healthy on a hike, you should:
Prepare your feet in advance of the hike. This includes trimming your toenails and tying your boot laces properly.
Keep your feet dry and warm on a hike. Always wear the proper socks and understand when to change them.
Follow common sense to avoid sore feet, legs and back during the hike. Whenever hiking, maintain good posture and stay hydrated.
Carry a first-aid kit for your feet. Should you suffer an injury, a couple of lightweight items can go a long way in dealing with a blister or sprained ankle.
Know how to treat common foot injuries. Blisters, a twisted ankle, and frostbite all can be treated when on the trail to minimize the pain.

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