Sunday, May 1, 2016

Trails explore Washburn County geography

Trego Nature Trail in Wisconsin's Northwoods.
Local tourism officials long have touted Wisconsin's Washburn County as the Gateway to the Northwoods and for good reason. Geographically, two distinct landscapes are found in the county – one that matches well with the ecological area known as the Northwoods and the other that is the transitional, border zone for the northern forests.

The southern two-thirds of the county sits in the Central Plain, a fairly flat and sandy area that at several spots has limited agriculture use and so is covered in forests of maples, aspens and birch. Some great trails found in this region include:
Ice Age National Scenic Trail
Bear Trail
Wild Rivers State Trail (Spooner segment)

The northern third sits in the Northern Highlands, which in Wisconsin is virtually synonymous with the Northwoods. Once the site of a great mountain range, the area’s elevation remains higher than the rest of the state. Fairly flat and with sandy soil, large swaths of forests – with more white and red pine than in the Central Plain – are found here. Because of this, wildlife is more plentiful than in Wisconsin’s farming areas. A few good trails found in this region include:
Trego Nature Trail
Trego Lake Trail
Totagatic Ski Trails

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