Thursday, August 6, 2015

How to whistle through a blade of grass

Photo courtesy of Photoree.
One of the fun skills lots of outdoors-minded kids of the past grew up knowing was whistling through a blade of grass. It appears to be a dying skill, but your hiking children likely will enjoy mastering it – not to mention maintaining their new-learned talent.

The first step is to get the right kind of grass blade. Thin, flat blades work best. Avoid rounded blades and those with a crease.

Hold the blade between your slightly bent thumbs. A little bit of the top of the blade should above the thumbs; the bottom of the blade should be claspsed between the base of your thumbs.

Next, slowly straighten your thumbs so that the grass blade is taut. Then, purse your lips, press them against your thumbs and the grass blade that is between them, and blow. The air should go between your thumbs and over the grass blade.

If successful, you will make a high-pitched whistle.

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