Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Video of Petrified Forest N.P. logs

Day hikers can “travel” 225 million years back in time on the Giant Logs Trail at Petrified Forest National Park.

The national park is a literal forest of fallen trees, cycads and ginkgoes that grew about 225 million years ago when a humid, sub-tropical climate dominated this part of the world. At the time, the current desert landscape was a floodplain.

After heavy rainfalls and swollen rivers swept trees into the plain, clay, mud and other sediment covered the logs, preserving them as stone for them for eons. Erosion during the last several thousand years have unearthed them. Fossils of phytosaurs and early dinosaurs from the Triassic also have been found here.

For a great view of petrified trees, take the 0.4-mile Giant Logs Trail, on which can be seen the Old Faithful Log with its 10-foot wide base. Here’s a video of petrified trees taken along the trail:

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