Tuesday, April 28, 2015

‘Hikes’ author presenting great games to play with hiking kids

How do you keep children from getting bored while on a hike? Help them learn about and appreciate nature? Teach them basic trail etiquette such as “leave no trace”?

By engaging them in various games and activities!

I’ll tell about the best hiking games and activities for children, from toddlers through teens, during “Great Hiking Games and Activities for Kids” on Saturday, May 2, at the Belwin Conservancy outside of Afton, Minn. The event includes a 20-minute presentation at the nature center followed by a 40-minute hike on Belwin’s trails in which some games and activities are practiced.

Each of the games and activities are pulled from my bestselling book, Hikes with Tykes: Games and Activities. Copies of the book and my other hiking titles will be available for purchase the day of the event at Belwin.

The presentation starts at 1 p.m. Belwin Conservancy, a nonprofit that protects and restores land in the rapidly urbanizing St. Croix Valley, is located at 1553 Stagecoach Trail S. west of Afton.

The event is free and open to all Belwin Conservancy members. You must be a member of the conservancy to attend, but anyone can join Belwin for as little as $1.

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