Friday, March 20, 2015

Great trails surround Wisc.'s Drummond

Trailhead for Drummond Woods Trail
Bayfield County ranks among Wisconsin’s most popular tourism destinations, attracting skiers, boaters, campers and sightseers. It also offers dozens of miles of trails for those who love hiking.

Consisting mainly of forestland and lakeshore, each Bayfield County village feels like a quaint throwback to years past. Only one of them boasts a population close to 3000 people.

Ten villages can be found there, with the majority of them hugging the lakeshore or a county line. Among them is Drummond.

In the southcentral part of county is this town of little more than 500 people. Entirely surrounded by the Chequamegon National Forest, it’s a natural center for outdoors activities.

Popular day hiking trails in the Drummond area include:
g Drummond Woods Trail (Chequamegon National Forest)
g Lake Owen Loop (North Country National Scenic Trail)
g Roundup of Drummond area trails

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