Saturday, December 20, 2014

Try this easy trail snack recipe: Hiker’s Top

Marshmallows are a key ingredient in the trail snack Hiker's Top.
Photo courtesy of  flatop341 / Photoree.
If your kids’ hands tend to get dirty when day hiking or if you’re tired of the same old ho hum trail mix, you might want to try this receipt for a snack I’ve nicknamed Hiker’s Top.

To make it, you’ll need pretzel sticks (the thin kind), marshmallows, white frosting and chocolate chips.

Hold a couple of pretzel sticks together and gently insert them into one of the marshmallow’s flat ends. Next, place a dollop of frosting on the marshmallow’s other flat end. Press the chocolate chip into the frosting.

The snack now looks like a top with the chocolate chip the point that it would spin on. The pretzel sticks are the handle.

Place the tops in a sealable plastic bag for the hike. They’re best when temperatures are moderate; you risk the marshmallow, frosting and chocolate chip melting in the heat.

If kids have dirty hands, they can dispose of the pretzel stick handle and just eat the marshmallow/frosting/chip combo.

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