Sunday, August 10, 2014

Best hikes to see Biscayne N.P.’s wonders

Sunset on Adams Key.
Though most of Biscayne National Park’s top sights – shipwrecks and coral reefs – are underwater, landlubbers still can discover much about the region via a day hike.

Just five short trails will allow you to enjoy several of the park’s highlights – the Atlantic coastline, romantic sunsets, the Florida Keys, a maritime forest, and historical Florida.

A boat is required to reach each of the keys. Convoy Point is the only trail on the mainland.

Atlantic coastline
A great way to explore the Atlantic coastline is the 0.65-mile round trip boardwalk and sandy path on the Convoy Point Trail. The trail follows the blue-green waters of Biscayne Bay and then heads out onto a jetty.

Romantic sunsets
Nothing quite says romance like a sunset over a tropical ocean. Adams Key offers a quarter-mile trail (0.5-miles round trip) from the dock through the hardwood hammock on the island’s west side; most of the route skirts the beach, where a sunset can be enjoyed with your significant other.

Florida Keys
Several low-lying, sandy islands known as keys line the Florida coast. On Elliot Key, the mile-long Point Adelle Trail loops from the harbor into the isle’s wooded interior then up the eastern beach to Point Adelle.

Maritime forest
A tropical hardwood hammock covers the keys in this section of Florida. On Elliot Key, the Spite Highway Trail heads through the woodlands, running the island’s full 7 miles (14-miles round trip).

Historical Florida 
On Boca Chita Key, a 65-foot ornamental lighthouse, a cannon from olden days, and several historical buildings can be seen via an unnamed half-mile (1-mile round trip) trail that start east of the restrooms. The unnamed trail circles the harbor but offers great views of the ocean.

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