Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fun activity for kids on day hike: Ladybug Lab

Generally, exploring and discovery is enough for kids, but sometimes even they can grow bored with that and become restless. Remember that they naturally have shorter attention spans than adults.

Fortunately, there are lots of tried and true activities you can do on the trail that’ll keep kids from getting bored. Among them is Ladybug Lab.

If hiking a trail with when a lot of male ladybugs (the ones with red backs and black dots) are out, have children observe the curious-looking insect. Ask them if ladybugs have the same number of dots on their backs and how they move around. Generally, ladybugs can be handled if the child does so gently. A magnifying glass is handy but not necessary for the activity.

Materials: Ladybugs found on trail, magnifying glass (optional)

Ages: 6 and up

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