Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trails abound for Bridalveil Creek campers

Bridalveil Creek Campground area
For those staying at the Bridalveil Creek Campground, there are plenty of short trails worth day hiking. Among them:
g Westfall Creek Trail north segment – A connecting trail starts west of Campsite 1 heading east for about 0.47 miles to the trail proper. From there, go right/north for 0.66 miles through Gregory Meadow to Glacier Point Road; a round trip is 1.13 miles.
g Westfall Creek Trail south segment – Use the same connecting trail from the campground. Upon reaching Westfall Creek Trail, go left/south, paralleling Westfall Creek into a meadow (which can be swampy as you near its end). After about 1.4 miles, the water runs out; turnaround here for a 2.8-mile round trip.
g Badger Pass Hill Base Trail – Take the same connecting trail from the campground. At Westfall Creek Trail, go straight/west. This route takes you alongside a creek on one side and the base of the mountain forming the Badger Pass Ski Hill. The trail crosses the creek after about 2.84 miles; turnaround there for a 5.68-mile hike.
g Bridalveil Creek Trail segment – Across the road from Campsite 77, follow the trail for Ostrander Lake. It parallels Bridalveil Creek for 1.6 miles; turn around at the first fork for a 3.2-mile round trip.
g Ostrander Lake Trail segment – Drive to the Ostrander Lake Trail parking lot along Glacier Point Road. Walk through a meadow from the lot to Bridalveil Creek, turning around there rather than fording it, for a 3.4-mile round trip.
g Bridalveil Creek Trail (full loop) – The 5.5-mile round trip trail heads through green meadows and evergreen woods and for about a third of the way alongside Bridalveil Creek. It can be started from the campground trailhead for Ostrander Lake or from the Ostrander Lake Trail parking lot.

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