Thursday, November 21, 2013

Split long Yosemite loop into two day hikes

Taft Point at the first fissure. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
If you have elementary-aged school children, the Sentinel Dome and Taft Point Loop at 4.9 miles may be a bit much to handle. In such cases, the trail can be broken into two out-an-back trail segments:
g Taft Point Trail – Starting at the same trailhead as the loop, go left/southeast. In 1 mile, you’ll reach Taft Point. Head back the way you came rather than turning off at the Y intersection for Sentinel Dome. This makes for a 2-mile round trip.
g Sentinel Dome Trail – When the stem trail reaches the loop, go right/northeast for 1.1 miles to the stub trail that heads to the dome’s top. Head back the way you came for a 2.2-mile round trip.

Do the segments on different days; always do the Taft Point Trail first as it will be a slight downer if the Sentinel Dome Trail is done first. If you can only do one trail, head to Sentinel Dome.

Because of the altitude, Sentinel Dome marks a great spot for stargazing if you don’t mind a night hike. Plenty of other hikers bring their telescopes or blankets, so you won’t be alone.

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