Monday, September 9, 2013

Photo/map album of Cavern Point Loop Trail

Spectacular views of the ocean and California coast await day hikers on the Cavern Point Loop Trail at Channel Islands National Park.

The two main ways to reach the island is via public boat transportation from either Ventura or Oxnard or public airplane transportation from the Camarillo airport, all on the California mainland.

Among the highlights of the trail are the variety of marine life – including blue whales – often visible from the ocean overlooks (courtesy Channel Islands NPS):

Trail map (courtesy Channel Islands NPS):

The closest landing to the trail is the pier at Scorpion Anchorage on the island’s northside:

Along the trail, watch for the island scrub-jay, which only resides on the Santa Cruz Island. Having adapted to the unique environment, the island's jay is 33 percent larger than its mainland cousin (courtesy Channel Islands NPS):

Cavern Point is a little more than mile into the hike (courtesy Channel Islands NPS):

At one time, the anchorage was a sheep farm. Ranch buildings still stand there (courtesy Channel Islands NPS):

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