Sunday, July 14, 2013

Great hiking trails dot Webster, Wis., region

Gandy Dancer Trail in Webster.
Visitors to the Webster, Wis., area will find some great trails to day hike. Among them:
g Amsterdam Sloughs Wildlife Area trails – A jeep trail parallels County Road D in the forest’s northwest corner. On the 4.8-mile round trip, part of which is alongside a lake, expect to spot blue heron, osprey and even signs of bear.
g Gandy Dancer Trail – A scenic segment of the trail runs for 2 miles north of the village from the Yellow River to Yellow Lake at Lone Pine Road. Most of the trail is shaded.
g Keizer Lake Wildlife Area East-West trail – A jeep trail runs about 1.3 miles one way east-west through the wildlife area. It’s easiest to find from the east terminus, as it’s the only entry along County Road A. Watch the skies for bald eagles and osprey.

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