Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to estimate distances when day hiking

How long a day hike with a child will take depends on a number of factors,
including terrain, how much you're carrying, and how fit you are.
When planning a day hike with children, you’ll likely want to have a good estimate of how long you’ll be on the trail. This is good to know for planning rest stops and snacks. You’ll also want to leave with a responsible party an estimate of when you’ll be back to civilization so that they can report to authorities that you’re missing (If you or a child is injured, having this safety net can be vital to you rescue and survival).

Unfortunately, estimating how far you can walk isn’t an easy answer. It depends on a number of factors. If you’re tall, you’ll take longer steps than someone who is short. If you have a child carrier or backpack on, you’ll need longer to walk the same distance than if you don’t. If the terrain is steep, rocky or otherwise difficult, it’ll take longer than a flat, well-maintained trail. If at a high altitude, you’ll go slower than at a lower elevation.

Generally, if you’re physically fit, expect that you can do a mile in:
g 20 minutes – No pack/carrier, easy trail
g 40 minutes – No pack/carrier, difficult trail OR pack/carrier, easy trail
g 60 minutes – Pack/carrier, difficult trail

The more hikes you do, the greater awareness you’ll have of your pace under varied conditions and will be better able to make an accurate estimate.

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