Saturday, March 16, 2013

Check out kid activities at state parks

Wisconsin state park and trails. Illustration courtesy
of Wisconsin DNR.
The next time you visit a state park, look for park-sponsored activities that can enhance the hike. You’ll find the kids not only come away with great memories but also learn something about nature.

For example, Wisconsin state parks offer:
g Wisconsin Wildcards – Kids can collect pocket-sized cards that tell about native species, dangerous plants, and unique spots.
g Wisconsin Explorer patches – Booklets can be downloaded from online that kids complete when they visit a park or trail. They then can receive patches for completing the book.
g Special programs – Rangers and volunteers at many parks often offer programs ranging from meeting animals to stargazing at night, from campfire stories to scavenger hunts.

Parks in all states offer some kind of kid-oriented activities, usually unique to that area. Activities typically vary from park to park, with those that receive the largest number of visitors sponsoring the most options.

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