Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fun game/activity for the drive to the trailhead: Pack an activity box

Before setting off down the road for a hiking trail, add an activity box for
children accompanying you. Photo courtesy of jquiz / Photoree.
Once you’ve got your children excited about the hike, you next have to get them to the trailhead, probably in a motor vehicle. Sometimes those drives to a national forest, nature preserve or state park can be long. You can keep kids’ spirits up by playing games on the drive there.

One tried and true possibility is to pack an activity box.

Using a shoebox or rectangular plastic container, pack materials that will keep children preoccupied. Among the items could be: colored pencils w/pencil sharpener, deck of cards, notepad, ribbons, small toys (cars, action figures), white paper w/clipboard, and yarn. Materials can be stored under the seat.

Materials: Container, listed materials

Ages: 3 and up

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