Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Food, water basics for day hikes with kids

Always carry food with you on a hike. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
Water is a necessity of any hiking trip, and food is a must if you’re heading out with kids. To remain hydrated, adults and children alike need to drink regularly. To keep kids’ energy levels up, they’ll need to enjoy snacks.

Arranging hikes between meal times always is good planning. You don’t want children on the trail when their bodies tell them they should be at the dinner table. Leave for the trail after a meal so that food can settle during the drive, and always head for home to ensure they’ll eat their next meal on time. Maintaining the routines and schedules of home will help prevent a number of attitude problems on the trail.

Also, be sure to carry water and refrigerated food in insulated pouches or containers. This will keep them cool and from spoiling.

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