Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Great after the hike activity for kids: Nature Scrapbook

Ilustration courtesy of Maryland DNR
Once you’ve completed your first hike, pat yourself on the back. You’ve done a lot of work but have taken the first step into a larger world for both you and your children.

To keep kid’s enthusiasm charged, “review” the hike in kid-friendly ways. While you really can’t do this with infants, most toddlers and older kids will enjoy it. One such after the hike activity is Nature Scrapbook.

Remember when your kids made leaf/bark rubbings or collected small objects during their hike? Have them now make a scrapbook of their rubbings or collection. Staple 10 or 12 pieces of 8x10 construction paper together (Binders or string also can be used to hold the paper together). Write “Nature Scrapbook,” the trail’s name and the date it was hiked on the cover. Then have your kids glue their rubbings or collected objects (these objects will have to be thin, such as leaves, flower blossoms, or grass blades) on the pages.

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