Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to select the best socks for hiking kids

Socks can make all the difference in ensuring you're
comfortable during a hike. Photo by slettvet Photoree.
When day hiking with children, don’t throw on any old pair of socks sitting in the drawer.

Remember that socks serve two purposes: to wick sweat away from skin and to provide cushioning.

Cotton socks aren’t very good for hiking, except in extremely dry environments, because they retain moisture that can result in blisters. Wool socks or liner socks work best.

You’ll want to look for three-season socks, also known as trekking socks. While a little thicker than summer socks, their extra cushioning generally prevents blisters.

Also, make sure kids don’t put on holey socks; that’s just inviting blisters.

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