Friday, September 21, 2012

Consider using fanny pack with child carrier

Parents carrying their child in a carrier will find a fanny pack useful for
storing needed supplies. Photo courtesy of bartt / Photoree.
Also known as a belt bag, a fanny pack is virtually a must for anyone with a baby carrier as you can’t otherwise haul a backpack. If your significant other is with you, he or she can carry the backpack, of course. Still, the fanny pack also is a good alternative to a backpack in hot weather, as it will reduce back sweat.

If you have only one or two kids on a hike, or if they also are old enough to carry daypacks, your fanny pack need not be large. A mid-size pouch can carry at least 200 cubic inches of supplies, which is more than enough to accommodate all the supplies you need.

A good fanny pack also has a place to hook canteens to it.

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