Friday, August 31, 2012

A Walk in the Woods blog features ‘Hikes with Tykes’ guidebooks

The blog A Walk in the Woods featured an entry about my Hikes with Tykes guidebooks. “It’s never too early to start introducing your children to nature and to walking outdoors,” writes the blog’s author, who goes by the handle Barefoot Musing. “You don’t have to aspire to backpacking and scaling mountains to enjoy casual hiking. Common sense and a little know-how are all you need to get you on your way and these books are a great introduction for anyone who wants to learn to safely take to the trails with their children.” Barefoot Musing is a mother of two daughters who describes herself as “more of a nature walker” than a hiker. Both Hikes with Tykes: A Practical Guide to Day Hiking with Kids and Hikes with Tykes Games and Activities are available for sale online.

Read more about day hiking with children in my Hikes with Tykes guidebooks.