Tuesday, July 17, 2012

‘Hikes’ author’s article on avoiding injuries appears in magazine

My article “Hiking with Kids – Avoiding Common Summer Injuries” appears in the latest edition of Seattle Backpackers Magazine. The article examines how to avoid and treat sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Seattle Backpackers Magazine is an online magazine focusing on backpacking, hiking, climbing and camping.

An excerpt from the article: “Ah, summer – brilliant blue skies, the warm golden sun – perfect for a day hike with the kids. And also perfect for a couple of significant injuries that sort sneak up on your children: sunburn and heat exhaustion and heat stroke. No worries, though. With a little preparation, these two common summer ailments easily can be avoided. Should the injury occur despite your best efforts, they also can be treated.”

Read more about day hiking with children in my guidebook Hikes with Tykes.