Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clothe beach-hiking kids in outerwear to prevent sunburn

If hiking shorelines or beaches this summer, be sure to don children in the following outerwear to prevent sunburn:
g Hat with wide brim – The cover and wide brim keeps sun off most of the face. A hat for young children with very little hair is vital. Hats with flaps that can cover the neck also can be useful.
g Sunglasses – Children’s eyes are just as sensitive to bright, harsh sunlight adults’ eyes. Ensure that the sunglasses actually provide UV protection.
g Lycra shirt and swim trunks – This fabric protects children from the sun as well as keeps them warm in water. And since you’re going to the beach, they probably will go into the water.
g Sunscreen – No more than SPF 30 needed. Liberally apply it to any exposed skin, including backs of ears, tops of feet and ankles. Remember that sunscreen will sweat off, so it probably will need to be reapplied.
g Sandals – Sand can get hot, so the soft soles of children’s feet need protection. Rocks, twigs and seashells washed ashore and covered by sand also can hurt little feet.

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