Monday, April 2, 2012

Why hike with kids No. 11: Reduced stress

Want to reduce your stress levels? Look at this picture for a while.
The next time your child finds schoolwork overwhelming or classmates have put him on the road to Crazy City, don’t toss him a stress ball. Instead, go for a walk together.

And not just any walk … head out into the wilds to enjoy nature.

Indeed, a 2008 study by University of Michigan and Texas A&M found that office workers benefitted from being able to see landscape posters in the workplace.

“…increased proportions of nature paintings decreased state anger because of decreased levels of stress,” according to the abstract for the study “The Role of Landscape Posters in an Office Setting”.

The findings build upon a 1989 study that indicated office workers with window views of trees and flowers have lower stress levels, higher job satisfaction and fewer injuries.

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