Thursday, April 19, 2012

Activities/game for hiking children: Senses

Generally, exploring and discovery is enough for kids, but sometimes even they can grow bored with that and become restless. Remember that they naturally have shorter attention spans than adults.

Fortunately, there are lots of tried and true activities you can do on the trail that’ll keep kids from getting bored. Among them is Senses.

To play, have kids tell what they see, smell, hear and touch. “Taste” usually doesn’t count and be careful of kids using “see” exclusively. Encourage their use of the various senses by exposing them to various objects. Crush pine needles in your hand and let them smell it, have them stick their finger into an evergreen’s sap, have them hold two very different kinds of but similarly sized rocks and tell you which one is smoother or heavier.

Materials: Objects found on the trail.

Ages: 8 and up.