Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why hike with kids No. 10: Better memory

Exposure to nature can improve memory.
If you can’t recall a good reason for taking a hike with kids, you might want to just on a hike anyways!

A 2008 study by University of Michigan psychologists found that being in nature improves memory by up to 20 percent when it came to recalling a series of numbers.

“Unlike natural environments, urban environments are filled with stimulation that captures attention dramatically and additionally requires directed attention (e.g., to avoid being hit by a car), making them less restorative,” according to the study’s abstract.

The results support a 2005 study linking exposure to nature to memory.

More great reasons to day hike with kids:
g No. 6: Establish lifelong activity
g No. 7: These places may not be there when our children are grown
g No. 8: Maintaining your sanity
g No. 9: Increased attention spans

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