Monday, March 19, 2012

Help kids make hiking gear: Bottle holder

You water is likely to spill on a hike if stored in a water bottle holder,
You can help kids craft their own equipment for the hike using materials found in your own home. Here are plans for making a water bottle holder:
g Materials – Duct tape, scissors, water bottle
g Instructions – (1) Lay out a foot-long strip of duct tape, sticky side up. (2) About halfway down this strip, place a second strip sticky side down. (3) Turn over the strips then halfway down the second strip stick a third piece. (4) Repeat steps 1-3 until you have a sheet about three quarters the height of the item to be carried. (5) Fold up the bottom tape’s edge and trim the two side edges so they’re even. (6) Along the exposed top piece of tape, cut inch-wide tabs in the shape of an H. (7) Wrap the sheet around your child’s water bottle with the tabs at the bottom, sticky sides out. (8) Trim the sheet then tape it in place to form a loose pocket around the bottle. (9) To create a bottom for the pocket, fold over the tabs, sticking each one to the next, then cover the tabs with more duct tape.

Other great ideas for making your own gear:
g Trekking pole
g Utility belt pockets

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