Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When to do when lost overnight with no food

If lost and forced to stay overnight in the wilds, you may have to forage
for food. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
You're lost and know you’ll need to stay the night in the wilds. Unfortunately, there’s only half of a snack bar and some trail mix crumbs for food. What should you do?

First, reassure your children that all will be all right. Rescue teams or fellow hikers likely will be along soon to help you.

Next, take action. Forage for local berries before darkness sets in so you can see what you’re picking. Some plants are poisonous, so familiarizing yourself with them before heading into the wilds is useful. Among common plants you should avoid are white berries and some varieties of fiddlehead. Stay away from mushrooms unless you are certain they are safe.

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