Thursday, December 1, 2011

When kids eat something they shouldn't

Know how to perform first-aid in case children eat and
choke on items found along the trail, such as leaves.
Toddlers like to put things in their mouth, and this can be a problem on the trail: sticks, pebbles, leaves, dirt all could be swallowed.

Advise them not to put anything in their mouth other than the food and water you give them. Be vigilant in watching them.

In most cases, what they put in their mouths will be harmless, but this is where first-aid training comes in handy. For example, you may need to stop them from choking on a pebble or a twig. If they develop any other symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.

Read more about first aid when day hiking with children in my guidebook Hikes with Tykes.