Saturday, November 5, 2011

Enlist a 'sherpa' when hiking with kids

If you have a lot of children to watch or an injury that prevents you or a child from carrying a backpack, that doesn’t mean the hike is over. Instead consider enlisting a “Sherpa,” or a friend who accompanies you to carry items.

You do run the risk of talking with your Sherpa rather than bonding with your kids the length of the hike, though. Perhaps if you have teenagers among your children, one of them can act as Sherpa.

Another option is to bring a dog that can carry items, though this is not always practical, as it may not be suited for such work. A lot of places you might hike won’t allow dogs. In addition, if you bring a dog, you’ve got to plan for its food, water and potty needs as well, which only adds to what must be carried.

Read more about day hiking with children in the guidebook Hikes with Tykes.