Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hiking: A great time to snack between meals

“You were out far beyond civilization, and suddenly you heard five chocolate chip cookies calling you?” – Charlie Brown (to Snoopy, who was out on a wilderness hike but then suddenly returned home)

Among the many wonderful things about hiking, at least for the kids, children, is that snacking between meals isn’t frowned upon.

Unless going on an all-day hike in which you’ll picnic along the way, you want to keep them fed, as hungry children can lead to lethargy and whininess. It’ll also keep young kids from snacking on the local flora or dirt.

Before hitting the trail, you’ll want to repackage as much of the food as possible as products sold at grocery stores tend to come in bulky packages that take up space and add a little weight to your backpack. Place the food in re-sealable plastic bags.

Read more about food day hiking with children in my guidebook Hikes with Tykes.