Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Arriving at the Trailhead Tip: Secure vehicle

When parking at the trailhead, keep valuables as the kids' such as CDs, DVDs, purses and video-games out of sight in your vehicle. Most parking areas are safe, but if you notice broken window glass on the ground, then a break-in probably occurred there recently.

Most such break-ins are smash-and-runs, so by forcing the robber to have to look through your vehicle for valuables, you're encouraging him to instead move on to another one.

Take your wallet and some emergency money with you on the hike. Your vehicle is more likely to be broken into than you are to be mugged on the trail.

You want to carry a credit card or some extra money with you in case of an emergency. If one of the kids breaks a leg and ends up in a local hospital, you'll need money at least to buy dinner for your other children.

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